What is Gentoo

Gentoo Linux is a source-based distribution that can be enhanced and modified for pretty much any application or need. Maybe Gentoo’s most striking component is its package management. Gentoo utilizes a framework called Portage, which empowers moderately effortless package installation from source code.

Portage is very like the ports system of FreeBSD. When installing a package, the system downloads the source code from the Internet, gathers it, and installs it. Extraordinary customization to applications is moderately inconsequential with satisfactory information in adjusting or fixing source code. Furthermore, the capacity to browse a few versions of a bundle exists, including cutting edge.

When all is said in done, it is viewed as a dissemination for prepared Linux users, but since of the wealth of superb documentation, including VPS/Vserver particular data, it can be tamed by novices as well.

Available Architectures:

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