VoIP Connect Cares about your Privacy

It is essential for a company, group or organization to work with certain terms and conditions in order to function properly. We let our users follow the terms and conditions of our company for a friendly and secure experience while browsing this website. As we collect certain information about our users, we want you to read the following privacy practices of us carefully.

What Do You Need to Know?

We collect several types of information like Account Data, Transactional Data, and Cookie Data when you register with our website and buy our products or services.

Account Data

Account data is simply information that allows us to:

We don’t use your account details to send you any kind of promotional messages or E-mails unless you opt it.

Transitional Data

Transitional data allow us to determine:

We only use your transitional data to improve the customer experience program for us.

Cookie Data

Cookie data collection may include:


All this information is collected for technical purposes and VoIP Connect will not share your information with any third party.